Who is Pastora Rossy Guzman? and her controversy

It has gone viral that Rossy Guzmán, an evangelical pastor from the Dominican Republic, engages in extramarital sex in an intimate video. The religious leader has faced accusations of corruption before in her country, so this is not the first controversy surrounding her.

Who is Rossy Guzman?

The Evangelical Pentecostal Shalom Tierra de Paz Church under the leadership of Rodney Maybelline Guzmán is led by Rossy Maybelline Guzmán, who holds a degree in theology. The Coral case involved corruption against the state and was spearheaded by Major General Adán Cáceres. The arrest of her and her son, Tanner Flete, caused a sensation in April 2021, when both of them were arrested for their alleged involvement in the case.

There have been allegations that Guzmán has been using his religion as a way to launder funds and has been alleged to be acting as a front for Cáceres. PEPCA (Petitioner for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption) has questioned her multiple times in relation to the charges against her. The reason for the arrest of this woman was the leak of a video which purportedly showed her engaging in extramarital sexual activity.

Where Is Pastora Rossy Guzman Now?

In February 2022, reports are emerging that Guzmán Sánchez was questioned three times by the Special Prosecutor regarding alleged connections between Guzmán Sánchez and Major General Adán Cáceres, who was the former chief of security for ex-president Danilo Medina. Adán Cáceres was also arrested on Saturday for corruption-related offenses.

The decision is in accordance with the Guidelines for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca). Currently, Rossy Guzmán is being held under police custody following the release of the intimate video she posted on social media regarding her relationship with her boyfriend.

Owner of lots and luxury cars

Reports released by journalist Nuria Piera reveal that the evangelical pastor of the church owns 10 companies, nine plots of land totaling 4,000 square meters, valued at $709,000, and several luxury cars in his possession.

A court order was issued on December 9 to release the pastor from preventive detention and place him under house arrest with electronic monitoring as well as a financial bond as part of his house arrest.

There was a hearing scheduled for January 13 in connection with this case.

In an interview with Diario Libre, Rossy Guzmán, a pastor at Shalom Tierra de Paz, said that she would not be allowed to resume her duties at the church until the trial was resolved. In the meantime, her colleagues are in charge of managing the church while she is out of the country.

Video of an intimate moment

“Pastor Rossy,” part of the musical choir at the church where the woman serves as pastor, is alleged to have shown the woman engaging in consensual sexual activity with a member of that choir, while the recording was being made. A woman is seen in the video acknowledging the presence of the camera by blowing a kiss toward it as she acknowledges its presence. Speculations have also been made about the woman in the video possibly being Alexandra Arce, a former mayor of Durán in Ecuador, although this has not been confirmed.

On social networking sites, people are still talking about viral scandals. The reason for this is that users tend to post hundreds of exploits to get attention, no matter what they do. Since customers only care about becoming famous, they don’t bother about the bad reputation. In the same way “La Pastora Rossy Guzman’s” video is spreading its feeling and making numerous headlines, making people more curious about certain topics, something related is spreading its feet once more. Below you’ll find some information you may not be aware of and some information you should be aware of.

Studies or sources indicate that the photos posted on social networking sites have only been online for a few hours. Even so, there have already been a lot of responses due to everyone wanting to know everything. Also, many searches are done for the best key phrase since no one wants to be left in the dark. The account holder and the video are what are causing the excitement, not the account itself.

La Pastora Rossy Guzmán Video?

According to reports, the La Pastora Rossy Guzmán Video contains one minute of content, which is enough for a person of good intelligence to understand everything. This results in hundreds of people sharing the video on social media. Anyone who gets a lot of attention for what they do becomes the subject of extensive discussion among everyone when they come out. Since these clips started coming out, everything has turned on its head for those who normally look through their social media feeds on a daily basis to get all the essential information everyone should know.

As a result, we’ve omitted some information from other critical sources. In all of these cases, the account holder associated with a few paid subscription services that paid its users for posting content-rich posts. The video and fire set are available on social networking sites, so if you want to dig deeper, check those sites. In spite of all this, you do not want to believe false rumours or stories.

Details of Rossy Guzman Pastora Video –

  • A video from 2023 is not new, contrary to popular belief. At least since 2021, it has circulated on social media.
  • Despite not knowing how the video leaked, it has been assumed that it was either shared by someone close to Guzman or that it was taken from her own smartphone.
  • Respect People’s Privacy: Guzman’s privacy should be respected and her video should not be distributed without her consent.

Information and media should be disclosed with caution, and personal data should be considered.

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