Where to Design Your Own Prom Dress Online?

You have the perfect opportunity to showcase your style and personality at prom, so don’t miss out on the chance. You can make your prom dress unique by using online options and making it exactly how you want it so you will be able to impress your friends this year. You can rest assured that no one will look like you at this year’s prom.

Lunss Custom Couture

Lunss Custom Couture offers a wide range of Custom Designs to help every girl feel beautiful and comfortable on prom night with a custom designed outfit. The process of designing your dress with this website requires a bit of effort on your part in terms of time. 

It is necessary for you to register an account with Lunss in order to get started. Your next step will be to provide us with detailed information about what your dream dress would look like. 

It is possible to submit inspirational pictures, pins from Pinterest, hand drawings, and even fill out a questionnaire as part of the process. As part of Lunss’s preparation tools, you will be able to access a variety of online tools, such as:

  • There are five types of fabrics presented with 30 different colors available for each of the fabrics on the color chart
  • The best way to take your measurements is to follow these tips
  • Detailed sizing information based on the measurements of the individual is provided in the size chart
  • The ‘Knowledge’ tab provides a detailed explanation of the silhouettes, necklines, and lace patterns that can be found in the collection
  • The purpose of this blog is to provide you with tips and inspiration to help you make your own prom dress.

Personal Consultation

Upon submitting the initial information about your custom design, you will be able to have a personalized online consultation with our designer once you have submitted the initial information. In this meeting we will be able to iron out all the details of the event. 

At the end of the process, you will place your order. In the course of the process, you may receive sketches and photos of your actual dress from the designer of the dress. As stated by the customer service representative who is available on the live chat feature, custom prom dresses range from $100 to $1000, depending on the style and fabric. 

As soon as your design has been finalized, you can expect to receive your dress within 60 days of making your order.


In addition, LoliPromDress allows customers to upload their own ideas of the prom dresses that they would like to wear to the website. Images can be taken of existing dresses or they can be sketches that you create yourself based on existing dresses. 

You can also specify changes you would like to be made, such as the color or any other changes you want to be made. If you see a dress that is “almost right” but needs a few tweaks, then you can upload pictures of that dress so that others can see it. 

If you are planning to buy a dress, you can also set a budget for it. As soon as the website receives the images, it will send a confirmation to the user and ask for any clarifications that are needed.

A Cooperative Design Process

It is possible for you to participate actively in the creation of your prom dress through the website, depending on your specifications and your budget. The price will vary depending on your design and LoliPromDress reserves the right to reject any design that is either not feasible on the basis of budget or if it is solely based on a copyrighted design. 

In case you need some inspiration, their store has a nice selection of prom dresses from which to choose from if you need some ideas.

Apps to Design Your Own Dress

The majority of prom dress creator apps are intended as prom dress creator games and are not necessarily intended to help the user in actually being able to create a prom dress design that they will be happy with. There is nothing wrong with apps such as these; in fact, they can be fun and entertaining. 

However, they result in cartoon renditions as opposed to actual designs. You can use these apps to design a prom dress for fun in a short amount of time.

Prom Dress Designer

There are a number of languages in which Prom Dress Designer can be used. This is a tool that has been designed specifically for those who are age 4 and up, and it is not intended to be a sophisticated designing tool that will help you design a prom dress and later wear it to your prom. It is more of a fun activity than anything else. 

There are a lot of colorful and cartoonish graphics to the app that has been called a “virtual fashion designer” by those who created it. Downloading and using the app is free, but in-app purchases will be available if you wish to expand your experience.

Fashion Studio – Prom Dress Design

The Fashion Studio – Prom Dress Design program can be entertaining and fun, but the end result is cartoon renditions of the dresses rather than actual designs. 

It has a little more complexity than the aforementioned Prom Dress Designer app in terms of the design process, which begins with choosing patterns and colors, and then goes on to “cut” the fabrics (virtually) and pull them all together to create an outfit that you can then “model” on a virtual runway. 

You can download this app for free, but there will be ads on the app.

Design Tips

The important thing to keep in mind when designing your prom dress is to plan ahead and have a clear vision in your mind. Because of the unique nature of your dress, most custom-designed websites adhere to an “all sales are final” policy because of the uniqueness of the item. 

In order to make sure that your vision becomes a reality, please follow these steps:

  • Buying a custom dress will cost more than buying one off the rack, so it is important to plan accordingly.
  • I would recommend that you start thinking about what your dream dress would look like at least six months before the prom.
  • Have you had your measurements taken by a professional dressmaker or seamstress?
  • It is a good idea to look for inspiration in stores to get a feel for fabrics. Especially when it comes to cheaper fabrics, keep in mind that not all fabrics are necessarily comfortable.
  • Make sure you try on dresses in person so that you can find a style that suits your body type the best.
  • If you are looking for inspiration, sketch or collect pictures.
  • Describe every detail of your dream dress in as much detail as you can.
  • In addition to clothing, accessories can also be made custom made – like hair accessories – to give you a truly unique look.
  • Don’t be afraid to be practical. Even though it may be fun to dream up outrageous designs, don’t forget that you’re going to have to wear the dress for at least a few hours at a time.

Unique Style

You may feel as if you are living a dream when it comes to designing your prom dress. In addition to making it easier than finding a designer on your own, websites often offer an entire team of designers who are ready to bring your design ideas to life as quickly as possible. 

It is possible to make any dress you dream up with the help of modern technology if you have the vision and confidence to do so.

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