What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

There are approximately 455,000 companies providing consumer services within the U.S., and these companies generated an annual revenue of about 300 billion last year according to research by Dun and Bradstreet. Wholesale and retail entertainment and hospitality health and social and education all fall under the field of consumer services.

Nowadays, companies that provide consumer services require information technology and computer (IT) experts to offer cloud storage, data collection and security of information. They also require web designers, software engineers, UX designers and analysis of data to provide effective and efficient customer experience.

What Is the Consumer Services Field?

The field of consumer services relies upon Human resources (HR) as well as computers and information technology (IT) to aid clients. They are procedures, results, and experiences, in contrast to consumer goods like cars, toys, clothing and other appliances. Companies offering consumer services concentrate on customer service, transactions and how customers can are able to access their services.

Technology and people drive the field of consumer services that includes everything from online shopping to social and health services to entertainment. For instance, Netflix’s online streaming platform offers original content with HR, and a monthly subscription that is powered by technology. There are jobs in the field of consumer services across a variety of sectors.

What Are the Types of Consumer Services Companies?

Wholesale and retail consumer service businesses are a vital part of industries distribution chains. For instance, retailers purchase products in stores or online from manufacturers or wholesalers, and they resell the items. In a growing number of cases, brick-and-mortar stores are expanding or giving way to online shopping.

The consumer services for leisure and hospitality industry includes sectors like food, lodging transport, tourism-related businesses. Companies like AAA as well as Airbnb have expanded their consumer service options through the use of the latest technology and HR. Delivery services to restaurants, personal shoppers resorts, streaming entertainment are examples of the services available to consumers.

Social and health services firms assist customers in making informed choices about health products, get access to medical records, and identify healthcare providers. They facilitate the consumer’s active participation in health care systems. Examples of social and health consumer services include health websites that promote preventive care as well as in-person and online treatment services, as well as health insurance firms.

Education consumer services can assist individuals find credible schools and programs through offering databases of authorized and accredited institutions. These organizations protect consumers from deceitful, untrue as well as fraudulent actions. Another example is electronic services, for instance firms that offer access to academic transcripts as well as on-line learning courses.

How Can I Get a Tech Job in the Consumer Services Field?

Many positions in the customer service industry require expertise in programs, programming languages and database technologies and other tools. An Bachelor’s in Computer Science is a great method to gain knowledge about the latest technology and build programming skills. The college degree will help students prepare for careers in cybersecurity analysis, analyst, web development, and project management positions.

However, certain roles in tech include the web designer or digital design might not require the bachelor’s degree. Coding Bootcamps will help budding web developers and tech professionals develop new techniques and keep up-to-date with the latest computer technologies and tools. The job requirements for these positions typically call for workers to be skilled in HTML programing, JavaScript as well as SQL.

Top Companies for Tech in the Consumer Services Field

The top tech companies in the field of consumer services are well-known international companies. They provide a variety of consumer service opportunities in areas such as data analytics and software engineering, as well as app development as well as web design. Companies such as AAA and Airbnb offer apps for consumers’ convenience, while companies such as Amazon provide cloud services.


AAA has been an advocate for driver’s education, car road safety and security and the rights of travelers since it was established by 1902. The auto club has led in the field of safe travel for more than 120 years.

Presently, AAA has 61 million members as well as 32 motor clubs and more than 1,000 branch locations throughout North America. AAA provides a range of services, ranging from help with roadside emergencies and even insurance planning.

AAA offers a variety of opportunities when you’re seeking consumer-services jobs in travel technology data analytics, data mining, as well as software engineering.

Corporate Headquarters: Heathrow, Florida

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Managing Director, Travel Technology and Digital Products
  • Software Applications Manager
  • Software Engineer


Airbnb began offering travellers different options to choose from as an alternative to motels and hotels in the year 2008. The company’s app has millions of customers in more than 190 countries, and 81,000 cities around the world.

Travelers can open a no-cost Airbnb account and access hosts on the database who offer their homes to rent for vacations. Airbnb checks listings and profiles, and also provides a way that allows guests and hosts to connect.

Airbnb is a trusted platform for IT professionals looking for remote working options in the hospitality and leisure sector.

Corporate Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Senior Security Engineer, Detection & Response
  • Senior Backend Engineer, HotelTonight
  • Staff Data Scientist – Inference, Marketing Technology


Amazon is a leader in harnessing technology and creating digital experiences for consumers in services around the world. Amazon offers an online shopping platform with personalized suggestions, streaming and publishing solutions, security for homes as well as virtual assistants.

Amazon Web Services is a cloud service that businesses of all sizes utilize to cut costs, increase efficiency and security. There are more than 200 global data centers within the system.

The vast reach of Amazon and vast array of services makes Amazon the ideal place to search for consumer-services jobs for professionals in technology.

Corporate Headquarters:Seattle, Washington

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Software Development Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Web Development Engineer


Comcast was founded its doors in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1963 as a single system cable operator. It is now an international technology and media company, which includes Comcast Cable, NBCUniversal, and Sky (its European media and entertainment subsidiary).

The company offers Xfinity for mobile, internet television, media, entertainment, as well as services for managing your home. NBCUniversal creates, produces and sells entertainment as well as news and information globally.

The extensive range of services offered by Comcast calls for a variety of tech professionals such as those in security for networks and DevOps.

Corporate Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Product Security Engineer
  • Sr. Research Engineer, Machine Learning
  • DevOps Engineer


Costco is a warehouse warehouse club that offers a variety of products, special departments and member services. The company was founded in the year 1976 as Price Club in San Diego and then merged together with Costco to form Costco in Seattle in 1983 to form PriceCostco.

The company officially changed its name to Costco in 1997. Today, the company has hundreds of locations across the world. Costco’s headquarters house the information systems division of the company which houses a variety of tech-related workers in fields such as the field of network technology as well as data analytics.

Corporate Headquarters:Issaquah, Washington

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Costco Logistics Program Manager – Network Strategy
  • BI Engineer – Data Analytics
  • Cloud Networking Engineer

Home Depot

Home Depot is a large-scale retailer of home improvements located in North America, with 2,300 stores in Canada, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The company began with 2 stores opened at Atlanta, Georgia, and its headquarters are still located in Atlanta.

In the present, Home Depot provides in-person retail stores and an interconnected online e-commerce company offering more than one million items available to its DIY customers and contractors.

Home Depot offers consumer services jobs that specialize in the field of cybersecurity and engineering. A majority of these are remote jobs.

Corporate Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist

The TJX Companies

TJX Companies is a leading retail store of clothing and home accessories within the U.S. and worldwide. The company has more than 4,700 stores in three continents and nine countries.

In addition, TJX Companies has five distinctively branded websites that include Marshalls, Marmaxx, HomeGoods, Sierra, and T.J. Maxx. They offer a diverse selection of brands and designer products at discount costs.

TJX Companies offer career paths for IT professionals who are able to work as part of a group and are proficient in using the most up-to-date software, tools and techniques.

Corporate Headquarters: Framingham, Massachusetts

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Manager, Site Reliability Engineering
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Senior Scrum Master

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is a media and entertainment company that has global reach. It includes Disney parks and merchandise as well as distribution of entertainment and media as well as live theater and streaming platforms such as ABC Entertainment.

Disney is a market leader in the hospitality and leisure sector of services to consumers, making use of technology to create individualized experiences. From offering experiences in theme parks to assisting viewers to stream their favorite shows or sports-related content, The Walt Disney Company is a major name in entertainment.

Opportunities with The Walt Disney Company are numerous for tech professionals who want to join the world of entertainment or media consumer services.

Corporate Headquarters: Burbank, California

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Full Stack Python Developer
  • Technical Program Manager – Web Engineering
  • Lead Software Engineer tvOS

Frequently Asked Questions About Consumer Services Companies

What is the meaning of consumer services in the context of business?

Consumer services rely on IT and HR to provide customer-centric experiences. Contrary to physical goods that consumers can feel or touch the consumer service is intangible as it supports processes and offers services. For instance booking a hotel online hotel room is a service provided by companies such as AAA as well as Airbnb.

Consumer service firms combine the latest technology and customer service in order to improve the experience of consumers. Hotels motels, travel agents, motels resorts, insurance companies as well as healthcare institutions and educational institutions all offer consumers with services. Furthermore, the work in consumer services cover a variety of professions that range from customer and technical support to design and administration of networks.

What are the issues facing service industries?

One of the most challenging issues in the field of consumer services is implementing the most recent technology and sourcing skilled experts. The field of consumer service is also facing problems with retention and acquisition of customers because of the increased competition in these highly competitive markets.

Technology that is digital can be a bit complicated as well as time-consuming and exhausting for both organizations and their employees. Consumer service companies require tech experts to assist in the implementation of digital transformations, select the right tools and software and also conduct training.

The management of hybrid teams and remote workers is a major challenge for businesses providing consumer services. All businesses in the consumer sector must adopt technologies that keep their teams together.

Which are the four major types of consumer service?

There are four main areas of consumer services: wholesale and wholesale as well as leisure and hospitality as well as health and social and education. Examples of retail-based consumer services companies include fashion boutiques grocery stores, as well as companies for home improvements. Wholesalers can offer discounted prices for retail stores, while both industries typically offer in-person and online shopping experiences.

The leisure and hospitality consumer service area includes lodging, travel transport, food and beverage services along with theme parks. Digital streaming services as well as home delivery are the most prominent examples of this area.

Social and health services offer healthcare services, resources and information. Education aids students to find top educational providers.

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