The senior class motto is a way for students to show pride in their graduating class and school. The student council sells senior T-shirts, water bottles, backpacks, and other class-related items to raise money for things like a senior trip and prom. 

Choosing a class motto can be a daunting and somewhat terrifying task, and usually the whole graduating class votes on it the year before they graduate.

Examples of Senior Class Mottos

If you want to suggest a senior class motto to your graduating class, or if you’re on student council and one of your duties is to select a few class mottos for your graduating class to vote on, you might wonder where to start. You can find inspiration for class mottos and quotes in a variety of places. 

Try looking through your school’s old yearbooks, asking teachers or parents for help, writing your own with a few classmates, or searching for class mottos online. Personalize one of these senior slogan taglines by changing a few words.

Mottos About Class Unity

Your class’s unity can be emphasized with a motto that shows off your class’s unique bond.

  • We have roamed these halls together, and we will roam this life together.
  • There is no breaking this Senior class bond, we are unbreakable.
  • Class of 2020, University of Notre Dame
  • Class of 2021 for life, seniors for now!
  • There is only one class, one love
  • We are different because of our individuality, but we are united because of respect.
  • The Class of 2020 is forever aligned in spirit and mind.

Senior Pride Slogans

With a class motto that walks the fine line between confidence and arrogance, you can show your school pride and school spirit.

  • Occasionally, a class like 2019 comes along
  • There’s no pride like senior pride!
  • 2021: Show Class, Have Pride
  • With the Class of 2019 on your side, success is inevitable!
  • Our life should be guided by that 2019 pride.
  • Now it’s time to stun! We’re coming for you, Class of 2020!
  • 2019’s Class, Myth, and Legends

Senior Taglines Inspired by Pop Culture

You can incorporate popular movies, song lyrics, and slang phrases into your motto to celebrate your graduation.

  • We started in Kindergarten and now we’re here! The class of 2021
  • Here’s what you made us do: Class of 2019
  • Class of 2019 goals
  • Obey your seniors during this thirsty season!
  • The GOAT class of 2020!
  • Thank you, next. My class has been such a blessing to me!

Mottos About the Future

With senior mottos, you can reflect on the past and embrace the future as you move from one stage of life to another.

  • Keeping our eyes on the future while keeping our past in mind.
  • Taking our next step into the future, we’ll keep one foot in the past.
  • Let’s make those dreams a reality in 2019
  • We’ve built a future that’s worth the wait, it’s been real, it’s been great.
  • We’re bigger than this school, but the last four years were cool!
  • Although times may change and we may grow, our Class of 2020 pride will never fade!

Funny Senior Class Slogans

Having a funny class slogan will get you noticed and remembered for years to come.

  • We will never forget those four years, even if we made some mistakes.
  • It’s official, we’re seniors! It’s time to go to college and become freshmen again!
  • Class of 2019 creatures from the same teachers
  • Our future is bright, so grab your shades!
  • Senior Class! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s us! We’re soaring fast, so don’t blink!
  • It is not always the case that we graduate high school, but when we do, we celebrate it!

Uses of Senior Class Quotes

If your class has already chosen a motto, you may wonder what it will be used for. You can use graduation quotes and mottos for a variety of reasons, including:

  • T-shirts for the class
  • Bags for classes
  • Bottles of water for class
  • Posters for graduation
  • Invitations to graduation
  • Jackets or hoodies for class
  • Quotes from the yearbook
  • Pencils for class
  • Rings for classes
  • Memories of seniors
  • School dedication as a memorial

One Phrase Says It All

Whatever graduation slogan or motto you choose, it will be a memorable part of your high school years. For students, being a senior is a fun and bittersweet time. Don’t forget to have fun!

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